Mommy to an Infant: I Almost Forgot How!!

Greetings! I have been so pleased lately to find other moms blogging and pleased to know that I am not alone. I have a 7 and a 6 year old-parenting is not new-but now that I have the baby it’s like I’m a renewed mommy. I returned six weeks postpartum with Annabelle and Russell. They… Continue reading Mommy to an Infant: I Almost Forgot How!!

We Don’t Do Traditional Birthdays

My baby turns 6 tomorrow! I tried to throw him a party that was supposed to take place tomorrow– huge bounce house and food/cake as well.  Since I do like 50 things at once and I am always busy I planned it on the same weekend as Easter (which I also don’t celebrate) and as… Continue reading We Don’t Do Traditional Birthdays

Mondays and Motherhood

Greetings! Today was my first day back to big kid school for the Summer I semester. Summer II is in like 4 weeks. Feeling a little bit of stress, taking a seated Microeconomics course and for Summer II I’m dropping a Sociology class (one that I was just taking to fill time) and adding the… Continue reading Mondays and Motherhood