North Carolina Azalea Fest

We survived a downtown event with the kids! It’s commendable for sure. Parking took almost half an hour, people clearly lose their minds when driving in the city. This has been the first year that I’ve attended Wilmington’s Azalea Festival– oddly, I didn’t get a chance to see any azaleas! I did get to be part of the local community’s culture– this is good since we are moving there once our house sells.

Here’s a bit of history about the festival which made it’s historical premiere in 1948:

Dr. W. Houston Moore, M.D., a wonderful old gentleman who lived in the 1800 block of Market Street, had been active through the Rotary Club in beautifying Greenfield Park with azaleas, dogwoods, and other flowering plants. In 1947 he decided to invite all of the leading civic clubs in Wilmington to send a representative to a meeting at the Chamber of Commerce in its building behind City Hall to discuss the feasibility of holding an Azalea Festival that would celebrate the beauty of Greenfield, Orton, Airlie and other gardens around town. (

Pretty cool history and a beautiful downtown historic area. Honestly, it was so windy that we could barely enjoy our time though. They took down most of the bounce houses and kids’ events by the time we got there. I am glad we got the kids though– their dad had them this weekend and had no problem with us picking them up to get them out and about. I think they would have been mad at us if we would have gone without them.

I think they were worn out at this point– waiting to eat dinner at Paddy’s Hollow.

I just read another parent blog that struck me hard today– on patience. Wow I really had some patience today. I only had to scream at them once and that was in the car. These moments are not pivotal or developmental mile stones though, kids running around and not paying attention close to a busy street rates a raised voice sometimes!

I think it is so important to take kids out and let them be free, social, and interactive with others. I have severe PTSD, it comes with some social anxiety. I hate to admit that it is good for me. I want the kids’ lives to be full and happy. They shouldn’t have to know that I suffer the way that I do, it’s not their fault.

Instead of being angry and on the defense, I try to put out there what I want in return. I try to smile, say “excuse me” to people, be kind if they run into me or are unaware. Usually, I get a smile back and a sigh of relief because people are used to others lashing out. It really helps me keep my anger under control. Put out into the world what you want in return– it doesn’t always work but it makes things a heck of a lot better.

Anywho, the kids got a face painting, and some cotton candy and lemonade. We got to embrace the local culture even if it was unnerving due to the crowds and traffic. On an end note, thanks for all the new viewers and parents that blog too! You guys are inspiring and I’ve enjoyed your posts and a glimpse into your lives. Until next time!

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